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Tree Removal

Removing trees can be a necessary process for property owners.  Healthy, mature trees can enhance a landscape, provide shade and boost property values. However, removing problematic trees protects people, the property and other surrounding trees from harm. When it comes to managing the trees on your property, sometimes simple pruning isn’t enough. You may think that tree removal is as easy as one two three. But there is a lot that goes into it.  You need to cut the tree at a specific angle so it doesn’t fall on items nearby.  You need ropes and pulleys to safely fall the branches.  You need a super heavy duty saw.  You need some serious machinery to get the job done safely and effectively.  We’ve got all that and more! Our professional help is better and safer.  Give us a call!

Reasons To Remove A Tree

There are several common reasons why homeowners in Tulsa may need to remove trees on their property. Some of the top reasons include:

Dead Trees

Dead trees pose many risks. As you know, a dead tree is unstable. It can topple over onto homes, vehicles, power lines. It is even more dangerous during storms or strong winds. Moreover, falling branches are also a hazard.

Diseased Trees  

Trees infected with disease must be removed. More often than not, tree diseases cannot be cured or treated easily. As a solution, removing the diseased tree helps control disease spread. That way, branches are more likely to break off.

Trees Damaging Property

Tree roots can crack buildings nearby, sewer lines and more. Lifting sidewalks and driveways is a common problem. Overhead branches can scrape and tear at roofs. That’s why removing problem trees is often the best solution. This is totally true when the location or tree size is unsuitable.

Improving Sunlight

There are times when healthy trees are planted too close together. Sometimes they can be found in an unsuitable spot. In scenarios like this, it is better to remove select trees and let more sunlight in. Did you know, more sunlight benefits gardens and lawns? Landscaping plants need plenty of sun access to grow beautifully. It is also good to note that added light also brightens up nearby homes.

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The Process of Professional Tree Removal

The professional tree removal process may vary depending on site conditions, the size of the tree, the surrounding environment, and local regulations.  The general process typically follows these steps:


Before any work begins, our tree removal team will visit the site to see what the exact situation is for removal. They consider the size, location, and species of the tree. They will also check potential hazards such as power lines, buildings nearby, as well as, property boundaries.

Estimate & Planning

Once the initial evaluation is done, we will provide you with an estimate for the tree removal. This will include both estimated time and expected cost. Our team will also take into consideration the safest and most efficient way to cut down your tree.


This step involves gathering the necessary tools and equipment. As soon as the safety parameters are set, we will coordinate with local utilities if power lines are involved.

Tree Cutting & Removal

Here, the actual tree-felling process begins. For smaller trees, they may be cut down in a single piece easily. For taller trees, the process usually starts with the removal of larger branches. And then, the tree is cut down in sections very carefully to avoid damage.  We typically will have ropes and pullies on the larger tree branches as well, so we can control how it lands, where, and how hard.

Cleanup & Disposal

After the tree removal is complete, our team will clean up the site. Our guys will make sure to remove all debris and leave your yard as tidy as possible.

Note: Our team, Tulsa Tree Removal Service, is composed of tree care professionals. We offer a full range of tree services to keep your property safe, healthy, and beautiful. We specialize in tree removal, stump grinding, tree services, tree care, and maintenance.

The cost of tree removal varies. We will look at factors like the tree’s size, condition, and location. Always request an estimate before work begins.

Watch out if you attempt to remove trees yourself. It can be dangerous especially if you don’t have the proper training and equipment. Take a closer look at some of the major risks of DIY tree removal.

Risk of Self Injury

Using chainsaws and climbing trees without proper safety training can easily lead to serious injury or worst, death. Obviously, tree removals involve cutting heavy branches that can crush you if mishandled. You might suffer cuts, broken bones or head trauma. Ouch! Emergency room visits for DIY tree work injuries are common.

Electrocution Risk

Tree branches that tangle up with power lines can cause electrocution if ever you cut the wrong way. That’s why, never ever attempt  to remove the lines yourself. 

Risk of Fines

Parts of Tulsa require permits before tree removal. If you do it yourself, it can lead to large fines. In Tulsa, ensure you follow regulations.

The smartest option for you is to hire our trained professionals at Tulsa Tree Removal Services. Don’t risk injury, property damage, or fines with DIY tree work.

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